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Online seminar 23/11/2022 Politics of Science and Nature in Urbanizing China

On 23rd November 2022, the ChinaUrban project hosted an online seminar to discuss environmental governance in China. Dr Jesse Rodenbiker was invited to present his research entitled “Politics of Science and Nature in Urbanizing China”. The event attracted 40 participants.

Dr Jesse Rodenbiker’s talk
Dr Jesse Rodenbiker’s talk

Jesse started his presentation by illustrating ecological civilization building in China, which is a state project of sustainable urban development and social improvement. However, it remains unknown how ecology takes on meaning in China and shapes urban conservation planning and practices. Jesse illustrated his findings based on fieldwork in Chengdu, Kunming and Dali by ethnography, interviews, historical analysis as well photovoice. 

First, He illustrated the genealogy of ecology and sustainable development in China. Through tracing the history of environmental science in China, he finds that Chinese scientists develop the ecological development logic. 

Second, He presented techniques used in promoting ecology and sustainable development through focusing on urban conservation planning and land territorialization. Through urban conservation planning, the ecological function can be overlapped with other functions (for example, agricultural land) as local responses to central mandates. 

Third, Jesse illuminated the socio-economic effects on peri-urban ecological migrants. He concentrated on displacement and resettlement issues. He highlighted the divergence of residents being affected in different areas, because of various compensation standards as well as social economic contexts. He emphasized that urbanizing the rural population may produce inequality. 

This event ended up with a heated discussion between Jesse and the audience about the future directions of research in environmental development in China.